How To Do Everything Better

Kirsten Curtis |

No couch on Earth will overpower you with these expert tips


1 The person moving backwards up the stairs endures the most back and core stress. Put the stronger person there.

2 You both must grip the object’s ends at similar points for stability. Keep your arms above your thighs and your elbows tucked into your body to prevent back strain.

3 Walk with a wide stance to support the weight. The top person controls the pace – left foot, right, left, right. Take a break on landings: it’s safer than mid-flight.


1 Most people try to rest a couch on two legs and push it around at an angle. But that much stress on the legs may damage them. Movers prefer going vertical.

2 Stand the couch on end and push it around the corner. Make sure the sitting surface faces the inside of the corner you’re trying to navigate; otherwise you might run the couch into the wall and cause damage.

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