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Lay out the shirt

Fasten all the buttons, including the ones on the sleeves. Lay the shirt face down on a wide, flat surface, like a table or the top of a dresser. (Sorry, not the bed – it’s difficult to smooth out fabric there.)

Section off the fabric

Pinch the fabric at the top of the shirt halfway between the collar and the shoulder. Then find the same spot near the bottom of the shirt and pinch the fabric there, too. Pull the fabric slightly taut; The resulting line is your folding point.

Fold in the sleeves

Release the fabric at the top of the shirt and grasp the shoulder. Fold the entire sec­tion over so it rests beneath the collar. Now fold the sleeve back on itself so it lays straight down in line with the folded portion. Repeat on
the other side.


up the bottom
Grab the two corners of the bottom of the shirt and fold them up to the middle of the shirt. Next, move your hands down to the new bottom edges of the shirt, and fold those up again, until the fabric is lying just under the collar.

Put it away

To make sure the collars don’t become too flat, place one shirt in the drawer or suitcase with the collar facing up. Then lay the next one face down with the collar at the opposite end.

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