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Kirsten Curtis |

A short-back-and-sides for your best-friend

Fetch a tool

Invest in doggie shears ( offers a variety of dog grooming clippers and sets). Never use “people” clippers. They’re not designed for dog hair; they may overheat or even hurt Fido.

Brush Fido’s fur

Comb your dog’s coat thoroughly with a slicker brush (find one at any pet shop), moving against the lay of the coat and then back into place. Gently brush mats and knots until they’re gone. Untangled fur means an easier cut.

Make him stay

Leash your pooch to a sturdy stationary object – the leg of a heavy table, for example. Stuff some treats in your pocket to calm your dog in case he becomes unruly.

Mow away

Length is your call, but leave the fur a little longer on his face and tail. Buzz from his neck to his tail, moving with the hair’s grain. Then move along his belly and down his legs. Use scissors to trim his face. Brush. Now treat him to a walk around the block so he can strut his stuff.

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