How To Be a Wedding Wingman

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As the groom’s go-to guy, you should plan to do more than just party hard and deliver a killer toast, says Anja Winikka, site director for Add these tasks to your to-do list before the wedding bells chime, and be the man people remember – for the right reasons.

Although the term is most commonly used for romantic scenarios, a wingman should be there no matter what, even outside of a bar or club. A wingman is your best friend, your partner in crime- the Goose to your Maverick.

Make a too-grand gesture

If your wedding party has the bank, buy one big gift. Look for an item the couple might need that they didn’t register for, such as a TV or a high-end braai.

Direct Traffic

For 24 hours, you’re the event mastermind yes it falls on your shoulders so memorise the timing and location of events. Point guests to the reception; overflow the parking area or men’s room.

Trip Advisor

Take on whatever the groom can’t leave to, help negotiate a group hotel rate for out-of-town guests, and coordinate airport pick-ups.

Dole Out the Dough

For one day in his life, your buddy should not have to worry about money. That’s where you come in. “Help the groom with any day-of payments”, says Winikka. This includes tips for vendors like the caterer, the florist, the musicians and even the altar servers.

Other cool wingmen are:
Dr. John Watson to Sherlock Holmes, Chewbecca to Han Solo, Barney Stinson to Ted Mosby and who can forget Batman to Robin.

– Alice Paulse

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