How To Bag The Best Deals This Black Friday (Without Emptying Your Wallet)

Top tips to win at Black Friday

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It’s that time of year again. Black Friday; where retail stores and brands offer discounts on a range of products and everyone goes stir crazy in malls and online to try and bag the best deals. While you can score some otherwise pricey items on your wishlist for a bargain, things can get messy.

So here are a few hacks to help you make it out the other side with your sanity (and your wallet) in tact.

Know What You Want Before Heading Out

Don’t get stuck into the trap of buying something just because it’s on special. Draw up a list (Christmas gifts, birthday presents, items for the house or something you’ve had your eye on for a while) and stick to it.

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Shop Online

Avoid the queues and the mall madness by shopping online. Even so, deals sell out fast, so you need to have a game plan:

Set your alarm: If you’re dead set on a specific item (or simply want to take advantage), you need to get in early. Most sales start at midnight so make sure you have data and your Wi-Fi is good to go. Get to bed early and set a few alarms. By the time the rest of the world wakes up you’ll be done and dusted.

Download the app: If your preferred store has an app, download it now.  Not only will you be able to shop on-the-go but if you turn on the push notifications and add items to your wishlist, the app will send an alert to your phone once the item is available or discounted.

“Make a list of must-haves, with another column for deal-dependent nice-to-haves. This’ll help keep you focused amidst all the temptation!  List Wishlist items well in advance so you can watch and see if their prices fall,” says Head of Brand at Superbalist, Melanie van der Merwe

Create a wishlist: The prices may change on goods for Black Friday, but the goods will already be there. Go online, create your wishlist in advance and then, when the sale starts, quickly go to your list, see which items are marked down enough and hit ‘checkout’.

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Register an account and make sure your details are up to date: Online retailers require you to register an account in order to shop. If you haven’t already, register an account now, and if you already have one (or more), make sure all your details are correct and up to date.

Subscribe To Mailers Of Your Favourite Brands

Most brands will be sending mailers announcing their Black Friday deals, so make sure you are subscribed to those you don’t want to miss out on.

Don’t Buy On Credit

It might be an incredible deal, but money is money. Don’t go into debt – the interest you’ll need to pay on your credit card is unlikely to offset the saving. Having said that, using your credit card does have it’s advantages (in terms of returns policies  and convenience), so transfer money onto your card today so you’re in the black (pun intended).

Set A Budget

Following on from the above point, set a budget and stick to it. No excuses.

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Have A Shopping Buddy

Shopping online? Find a mate and divide and conquer. Share your wishlists, so they tackle fitness gear, you shop grooming etc. Hitting the malls,? Get your mate to stand in the queue while you stock your trolley. Remember to take turns!

Have A Battle Plan

Plan the day. For example, shop online first, then head to the malls. Find out what time the malls open. Know which shops you want to hit and which to avoid. Know when to call it a day. It sounds trivial but having a game plan will ensure a chilled Friday eve and not ahem, a black one.

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