How Can You Stop Procrastinating??

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How Can I Avoid Going For A Colonoscopy? – Edward 

You could opt for the less invasive faecal occult blood test, which involves simply providing a stool sample. But while having this test is better than doing nothing, you are taking a risk: it catches only 20 to 32% of advanced cancerous growths, versus 100% for a colonoscopy, according to a German study. Not only does a colonoscopy give your doctor a better shot at detecting suspicious growths, but it also reveals problem polyps that can be removed immediately, says gastroenterologist Dr Robert Sedlack. “Depending on risk factors, it’s recommended that men have them every five to 10 years starting at age 50.” In fact, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that the removal of precancerous polyps during colonoscopy reduces your risk of dying of colon cancer by 53%. What’s more, the 20-minute procedure itself is actually painless because you’re sedated. And now there’s even a slightly less onerous option for the standard bowel-cleansing prep of chugging a gallon of polyethylene glycol. Ask your doctor about split-dosing it, says Dr Sedlack. It’s equally effective, but causes less discomfort.

How Often Should I Change My Workout? – Zayne

Think back over the past 30 days. “It’s time to switch things up when you lose motivation or if your lifts have not increased for four weeks,” says Bret Contreras, who trains Olympic and professional athletes. “But the key is to make subtle changes; this will ensure that your strength and coordination continue to improve.” For example, change your grip, substitute dumbbells for barbells, or adjust your number of reps. By varying your movement patterns slightly, you increase your chances of sparking continuous gains, which will also stoke your motivational fire. Contreras stresses that this approach leads to better results than experimenting with a fad called “muscle confusion”, constantly doing new exercises so your muscles don’t adapt to a routine. Use Contreras’s three-week workout plan to hit “refresh” on your regimen:

Pick a variation of each of the following: squat, dead lift, bench press, chin-up, shoulder press and row. Do these moves, on the days specified below, for three weeks:

  • Monday: 3 sets 8 to 12 reps
  • Wednesday: 4 sets 6 to 8 reps
  • Friday: 4 sets 4 to 6 reps

Go for a record in each lift on the third Friday. Then pick new variations for the next three weeks.

Once And For All: How Can I Stop Procrastinating? – Peter

Procrastination is a willpower problem, so to overcome it you have to whip your mental muscle into shape. Start by breaking goals down into small steps and scheduling those tasks into your day, advises Dr Timothy Pychyl, an associate professor of psychology at Carleton University. Instead of jotting down “Prepare presentation” on your to-do list, write “10am: format first two slides.” The biggest hurdle is starting the job, so writing specific instructions will ease the burden. “When you construe things concretely, they belong to the present and have a sense of urgency,” says Pychyl. “When you think about things abstractly, they belong to the future, so you’re setting yourself up for failure.” And be strategic: willpower is a limited resource, so tackle the toughest tasks while you’re at your peak, which for most people is first thing in the morning.

Do I really need to drink water all day to stay hydrated? – Brent

No, you can eat your H₂O too. “Fruit and veg contain high percentages of water as well as antioxidants and essential minerals,” says Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Sports Medicine. You probably consume 20% of your fluids from food, and you can boost that percentage with highly saturated snacks, like the ones shown below. Because they tend to be low in kilojoule density, these snacks also keep you satiated and can help you stay lean. Of course, every time you eat a meal you should also drink: sip 450ml of water or another low-kilojoule beverage.

Hydration Helpers: Fill up on these foods to add water and lose kilos. Percentages indicate water content by weight.


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