9 Free Online Courses You Can Do During Lockdown

Whether you want to learn a new skill or are just plain bored, we’ve scoured the web to find free online courses you can take during lockdown.

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During this time, you might be saving a lot of time commuting or maybe you’re wanting to learn a new skill. You could be over making banana bread or perhaps, you’re just plain bored. That’s why we’ve scoured the web to find free online courses you can take during lockdown.

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The most important thing to remember though, is that you don’t have to be productive right now. It’s a stressful time and if you’d rather spend your time on the couch with popcorn and the TV remote, that’s just as good. If that’s the case and you’re bored of Netflix, check out these 10 places around the world that you can visit without leaving your couch. Yes, we’re talking virtual tours of The Northern Lights, The Taj Mahal, The Louvre Museum and more!

And if you’re wanting to get some reading in, our April issue is packed full of great workouts, recipes and stories to get you through lockdown.

No matter how you’re spending your lockdown, we’re here to make things a little bit more bearable where we can. And these free online course might just do that.

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1. The Science of Well-Being

Yes, habits, happiness, health, it sounds like we’re about to ask you to head to your nearest high school hall to enrol in a Dale Carnegie course. But before you roll your eyes, this course could seriously help you (with no awkward group exercises trying to make friends or influence people, guaranteed). Starting on the 13th April, this Yale University course taught by Professor Laurie Santos is aimed to help you increase your happiness and build more productive habits. The syllabus is 10 weeks long and will take you through modules such as misconceptions about happiness, how to intentionally put strategies in place to build healthier habits as wells as a rewirement challenge.

Approx. time needed to complete the course: 19 hours

To find out more, head here.

2. Sports Media – How To Build Your Athlete Brand

This quite possibly might be the most 2020 course available (although if a course on TikTok becomes available then all bets are off). If you’re wanting to become more like your favourite vest-wearing, protein shake-toting trainer on Instagram, this is for you. Combining case studies, practical examples and applied information, this course brought to you by the University of Alabama and Athlete 365 will help you build your brand and control your online presence. And you’ll only need to set aside an hour a week, leaving plenty of time to hit your um… home gym.

Check it out here.

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3. Nutrition, Exercise and Sports

Want to use lockdown to get a better understanding of the role that nutrition plays on your health and performance? This 6 week free online course requiring between 4 and 8 hours a week will take you through popular topics like sports nutrition, Thermoregulation and macronutrients and a whole lot more. And before you know it, you too could be making your own infographics for Instagram about the different calories in a potato versus a potato chip… we think – we can’t actually guarantee that one.

Approx. time needed to complete the course: 4–8 hours for 6 weeks

Sign up here.

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4. Wine Tasting: Sensory Techniques For Wine Analysis

Being able to pair a brandless papsak with your braaied boerewors isn’t exactly what you would deem a wine connoisseur (although we’re not going to pretend we aren’t impressed). So why not spend this time learning about the process of wine tasting? It’s headed up by John Buechsenstein who is part of the Wine Appreciation Faculty of the University of California, Davis which begs the question… why did I enrol in the Faculty of Humanities in university if that faculty was an option?

Approx. time needed to complete the course: 18 hours

Raise a glass and enrol here.

5. Financial Markets

No, this isn’t a course to turn you into one of those traders spamming you in your Instagram DMs. This course offered by Yale University has four modules that cover everything from the basics of financial markets and insurance to behavioural economics, shares, stocks and everything in between. Plus, after doing this course 12% of learners got a promotion or a pay raise.

Approx. time needed to complete the course: 38 hours

Check it out here.

6. Diploma In Physical Fitness

Personal training courses are expensive and if they are free, there is usually catch. But this free online course is pretty damn extensive containing 12 modules that cover just about everything you could want to know. It’s called a diploma for a reason – you will even have course assessments – but as a way to occupy your time during lockdown, this is pretty great and you’ll learn how to improve your gains, too. Perhaps use it as a way to decide whether you want to invest in doing a full blown PT course?

Approx. time needed to complete the course: 6 – 10 hours

Enrol here.

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7. Yoga Exercises

Don’t underestimate the power of adding yoga to your fitness routine. And considering millions of people pursue it to get healthier, physcially, mentally and spiritually, it might just be the perfect practice to learn right about now. The great thing is you don’t have to be an experienced yogi as it starts right at the beginning with ‘Yoga For Beginners’ before taking you through areas like ‘Yoga Hamstrings Stretches’ and ‘Yoga Side Stretches For A Lean Body’.

Approx. time needed to complete the course: 1 – 2 hours

Find out more here.

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8. Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity

Has this time at home made you think that you would like to venture out onto your own and finally tackle that pipe dream or winning idea you came up with in your university dorm room? Of course you do! By the end of this course, you’ll know how to test, validate and prototype your idea, and also whether or not you fit the profile of an entrepreneur. The great part about this is that it’s just step one in a series of courses. After this course you can move onto the next phase of entrepreneurship in Entrepreneurship 2: Launching the Start-Up.

Approx. time needed to complete the course: 12 hours

Check it out here.

9. Introduction to Negotiation: A Strategic Playbook for Becoming a Principled and Persuasive Negotiator

So many people are using this period for personal development and being a good negotiator is an integral part of being able to get what you really want (unless it’s going outside, there’s no negotiating your way around that). The art of negotiation has also been listed as one of the skills most-needed in the fourth industrial revolution. This course is different from other negotiation courses in that they develop a framework for analysing and shaping negotiations enabling you to apply your learnings to your life.

Approx. time needed to complete the course: 27 hours

Find out more here.

If none of these free online courses interest you, there are so many more being offered on different platforms. Just type in what you’re after and you’re bound to find something to occupy your time.

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