Emmanuelle Chriqui’s 5 Step Morning Routine To Ensure You Smash All Your Goals For The Day

Despite her packed schedule, she’s calm Follow her lead to charge into your day.

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Things have changed since Sloan ditched the Entourage boys. Emmanuelle Chriqui (SHREE-kee) has become an assassin and a hypnotist hustler, and as of April 20, in Super Troopers 2, she’s a French-Canadian bureaucrat trying to defuse an international crisis.

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Despite her packed schedule, she’s calm. Her day starts around 7:30 a.m. She’s one of those morning people. “I’m excited to wake up. It feels great,” she says. Credit the meticulous ritual she sticks to whether she’s at home or on the road. Follow her lead to charge into your day.

The Morning Routine:

1. Squeeze the Day

Chriqui wakes up with a cocktail: hot water with fresh citrus. “I hand-press half a lime or lemon straight into the cup,” she says. It’s a smart way to tackle hydration. If you greet the morning with H2O, you’ve gotten a head start in case you forget to hydrate later.

2. Floss Your Brain

Twenty-two minutes. That’s exactly how long Chriqui spends meditating each morning. “Transcendental Meditation is what works for me,” she says, but it’s not the only style. “There are a bazillion.” Try an app like Headspace for just five minutes. Do it anywhere (shades help in public).

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3. Sip Slowly

Chriqui has just one cup of coffee, but she takes time to savour it. This focused enjoyment helps her ease gently into her schedule – the very antithesis to slugging back a grande during a mad morning commute. Note that this step comes after her meditation. She prefers a medium roast, which tends to have more caffeine than a dark roast has. Jitters and serene contemplation don’t mix.

4. Fit In Fitness

Chriqui does Pilates, but do whatever works for you. Her meditation “clears the cobwebs”. Try it – this might keep you more in tune with your body during your workout, she says.

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5. Listen to Your Gut

“Breakfast stresses me out,” Chriqui says. “I’m just not hungry in the morning, so why force feed myself?” When her stomach starts to grumble, she eats mostly plants – like an asparagus salad. Ask yourself: how often do you eat when you’re not actually hungry? Your gut talks. Listen up.

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Find her: Watch Supertroopers for the comedy (who we kidding – it’s for her).


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