Don’t Be ‘That’ Guy at the Office

Kirsten Curtis |

The Workplace is a dangerous place. New in the office? Here are our tips to avoid some pitfalls that could sink your career.

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Unless that job is “funemployed”, in which case sure, wear all the slogan T-shirts and hoodies you like. The way you present yourself is the way you’ll be perceived, so even though being casual won’t get you into trouble with management, it could make people think you’re just not that into the job. Unless you’re a comedian, cut the dodgy jokes. We’re serious – one off joke could do real damage to your reputation, not to mention your career. The bottom line: Save the risqué one-liners for clock-off beers with your mates.

Office parties are not the place to go buckwild. That doesn’t mean you should abstain from drinking (you do want to have fun, after all) but know when to reel it in. Ordering body shots off the 23-year-old waitress for your boss is never going to go down well. So eat beforehand, avoid making drunken speeches and never (ever) dance on the table.

Don’t be a dick. It sounds obvious, but a little consideration goes a long way in making you an office-appropriate employee.Keep the water-cooler banter (and your voice) down – people are trying to work here – don’t eat your spicy chicken tikka masala at your desk (it’s stinking up the entire floor) and never make a photocopy of your ass (or any part of you). It’s just not that funny.

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