Do This in Durban

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Clinton Campbell is originally from Durban’s South Coast, but now lives and works in Cape Town. Still, he goes home often enough to know what’s good.

Pier 107, Beach Hotel, Marine Parade

Durban has the best curry, and certainly the best bunny chows. Plastic chairs, floral shirts and Indian waiters who’ve been there for years. Best accompanied with an ice cold beer.

Victoria Street Market

I know there are a lot of curios, but I love the authentic feeling in the heart of the city. You can pick up some souvenirs for those less fortunate to visit the Zulu province.

Grey Street and surrounds

Just take a slow drive (or walk if you’re feeling adventurous) and soak up some of the most incredible vintage buildings you’ll find in such close proximity to one another. Everything is slowly falling apart, but if this area one day gets revitalised it’s gonna be beautiful!

Durban Botanical Gardens

Grab yourself a hot pie from Bread Ahead and take a stroll through the gardens. Stuff grows like crazy in the Durban climate, so prepare to be impressed.

Temple of Understanding, Chatsworth

This is the largest Hare Krishna temple in the southern hemisphere, it’s worth a visit and you can eat some authentic food there as well.

Durban fun fair, Golden Mile

This may seem like it’s just for kids, but take a ride on the cable car and soak up the views from above. It’s really cheap and goes a lot higher than you think.

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