How To Ride Waves Like A Pro This Summer

Getting started is easy - but becoming a pro takes a little time. Bodyboarding champ Andre Botha tells us how to master the waves

Andre Botha is an ocean-junkie with 20 years of bodyboarding experience and many accolades under his belt. He gives us the lowdown on how to take on the tides.

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1. The Wave

Picking the right wave is simple, says Andre. “Remember that 80% of them are going to be dumpers,” that’s a swell that has zero tube potential, “But be patient and you’ll be rewarded.” You’re looking for a wave that curls slowly.

2. Easy Does It

As a novice, start by directing your board towards the shore. That’s an easy ride that’ll take you inland. Found your sea legs? Good. Now it’s time to angle yourself and start gliding horizontally.

Photograph by Marck Botha

3. Your First Ride

As the wave approaches, place 
the arm corresponding to the direction you want to turn firmly on the nose of the board. Your other arm will
grip the middle of the board in line with your belly-button. Now start kicking, and slowly angle yourself into the wave. Not too fast though, or else you’ll break through the other side.


Hurricane Lil Ninja Surfboard

R 4 760 (was R5950)


Now that you have the knowledge, get yourself a board here and hit the beach.

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