Why Urban Hiking Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

Grab your shoes and head out the door. An adventure is waiting.

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Feeling like a caged animal after months of lockdown? Gyms and a number of trails are closed right now so an urban hike might be just the thing you need to get some exercise, stretch those legs and satisfy the need for adventure.

What Is An Urban Hike?

Simply put, an urban hike is an adventure in the city, embracing the urban environment. Think trekking around your city or exploring your hood, but looking beyond the usual streets and everyday routes. Here, the concrete jungle becomes your playground, every new turn an unexpected adventure, so be prepared to jump up curbs, run over bridges, climb up and down stairs and take the path less travelled, It’s more than “going for a walk” – more like “seeking an adventure”.

You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated and relaxed you’ll feel on your return home. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your shoes and head out the door. But first, some tips to make the best out of your urban hiking experience.

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1/ Set A Goal

Getting lost and having no set route is part of the adventure. But we suggest having a rough goal. Some ideas include: Hop on the bus and travel for two bus stops, then get off and make your way home again. Make your own Strava art. Find the nearest park and walk every inch of it. Or simply, walk to the shops, rather than drive. You get the idea. Try not to backtrack or do out-and-back trips – this means more places to see and explore.

2/ Be Safe

Being South Africa, and in the middle of a pandemic safety goes without saying. Take a friend, stick to safe areas, take a charged cellphone with you, keep your valuables hidden from sight and keep your wits about you. And of course, wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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3/ Have The Right Attitude

This isn’t an adrenalin-rush type hike. While the goal is more than a leisurely stroll, you’re not setting out to conquer the highest mountain or the deepest valley, so leave the house with a sense of adventure.

4/ Take The Right Gear

Always take water and snacks, wear comfortable, reflective clothing, and take a light waterproof jacket. Most importantly, make sure you’re wearing supportive shoes with decent traction. The last thing you want is blisters or to be tripping and slipping while you negotiate the different types of urban terrain. We recommend the Cat Urban Tracks Leather Boot. Firstly, it has a killer rubber sole inspired by Caterpillar tractors that is anti-slip and durable, plus the proprietory foam midsole is light and shock absorbing with EVA cushioning giving it ample flexibility. The toe bumper means no stubbed toes and add to that, it has a cushioned collar and footbed for maximum comfort.

It has the all-day comfort of a sneaker, is stylish and rugged – perfect for your urban adventure!


The Urban Tracks comes in coffee bean (pictured) and tannin.

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