Boost Your Commute By Listening To This MH-Approved Playlist

Traffic will never be the same again.

Kirsten Curtis |

The first time I made a road trip playlist I was about eight years old. My paternal grandmother lived in a town 45 minutes away from we stayed. Those 45 minutes always seemed to last an eternity. I would while away the time by reading or filling in crossword puzzles.

Until the day my older sister and I learnt how to record music on cassette tapes. It changed our lives, and our road trips. We started begging our parents to buy empty cassettes so we could fill our journeys with the voices of our favourite artists.

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Creating a mixtape was serious business. One mistake and we’d have to redo the entire thing. We spent hours choosing our favourite songs – luckily at that stage we seemed to have the same taste in music (our tastes have since parted ways with me preferring alternative rock and indie music, while she favours EDM and hip hop). Patiently we sat in front of our HiFi System recording music from CD’s onto the cassette. (It was at a time when car radios only played cassettes).

We only ever made the one mixtape, but for us, it was the greatest mixtape. We listened to it on the drive to and from my grandmother, when we went on holidays, and basically any time the car trip was longer than the school run.

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Technology has vastly changed since that first mixtape I made as a child. The next ‘mixtape’ I listened to was on a CD and now we create playlists on iTunes and Spotify. But regardless of the format, listening to music still makes any drive go by quickly. These days it’s not just road trips that require playlists. With a consistently growing population, people across the country are spending more time in traffic. According to the TomTom Traffic Index, people in Cape Town spend 163 hours a year in traffic, people in Jo’burg spend 141 hours while those in East London spend 121 hours.

To stay sane most of us rely on a good playlist – playlists which reflect the music we’re into at the time and the mood we’re in while we drive. Last week we asked readers what their favourite jam was to listen to in traffic and we compiled the answers into a playlist; it will get you through your morning commute, or when you’re stuck in traffic and itching to get home. Enjoy.

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