How To Beat Jet Lag And The Holiday Tips You Need To Know

Be sure to take our advice on board to secure a first-class health upgrade, and make the benefits of your break last well beyond your return.

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Bags packed? Be sure to take our advice on board to secure a first-class health upgrade, and make the benefits of your break last well beyond your return.

1. Aeroplane Mode

Switching off ain’t easy. Almost 90% of us experience phantom vibration syndrome, in which we imagine we can feel our phone ringing once we’re in the air, and it causes our stress hormones to spike. Stay calm, as it will level out: a California State University study showed that smartphone separation anxiety peaks after 10 minutes but settles after 25 minutes. So distract yourself with some analogue entertainment – a certain magazine, perhaps?

2. Stop The Clock


Not only does jet lag disturb your sleep pattern; it can also weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to poolside colds. To keep your circadian rhythm onside, skip the awful in-flight food. A Harvard Medical School study suggests a short fast could cause your biological clock to slow to a crawl until you eat again.

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3. Under The Skin

Once you’ve landed, head straight to the beach. The muscle-supporting vitamin D you’ll soak up isn’t the only perk of sunning yourself – time on the lounger can help tighten your waistline, too. According to a University of Alberta study, the white fat cells just below your skin shrink with expo- sure to the sun’s blue light. Lather on some broad-spectrum sunscreen, lie back, and let the weather do the work.

4. Head Trip

In addition to an even tan and tighter belt, the high oxygen levels by the sea will contribute to the rejuvenation of your muscles and brain, while trading your office routine for new experiences will increase your cognitive flexibility. When you’re on your paddle board taking in unfamiliar sights, your brain sprouts dendrites for a lasting mental boost. In other words, your fortnight off is an intelligent investment.

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5. Happy Returns

Once you’re back home, banish the holiday blues by booking yourself another break. A study published in the journal Applied Research in Quality of Life found that those who are anticipating the next trip enjoy the happiness high of a holiday the longest. The length of your forthcoming escape doesn’t matter, so a camping weekend can extend the benefits of luxuriating in the Maldives. Just remember to check your outdoor gear.

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