This Is How To Book A Last-Minute Trip On A Budget– Right Now!

A spontaneous getaway doesn’t require a ton of money or planning. Unpack these shrewd moves to beat the travelling public to the best deals.

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Desperately need some downtime but don’t have the budget right now to splurge? We did some digging to find out how to book a last minute trip when ever you need to.

Hit The City Together

It’s the weekend – other people hit the beach, so seek city-centre hotels catering to business clients who stay weekdays only. Or book that beachgoer’s empty apartment on AirBnB.

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Hire A Special Agent

Travel agents are BS machetes. They may find hotel and air deals not available to the public. Plus, they can rebook you quickly after a cancellation. (Only suckers queue up at the airport.) Many agents charge fees, but they’ll often waive them if they book your whole trip.

Steal Your Cruise

Last-minute walk-ins fill empty hotel rooms and aircraft seats, but not cruise ships. So cruise lines slash fares as sailing dates approach–up to 80 percent off within two weeks of departure. Sign up to newsletters from Cruise About to get info on deals and pre-sale alerts. Or try Imagine Cruising for exclusive offers such as free cabin upgrades or on-board spending.

Fly Flexibly

Kayak and Expedia might not show all flights, some discount carriers, or large airlines’ routing options. A site like Routehappy or Momondo will dig deeper by telling you about amenities (e.g. if the jet has USB outlets) and better connections. Use that info as leverage for negotiations with the airline. (“Momondo sent me through Abu Dhabi instead of Dubai. Can we make that happen?”) Remember, some airlines won’t let you access their seat maps if you purchase tickets through a third party.

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Work The Miles

Never settle for less than the industry average (around R3 per mile). “Eh” deal: Spend 40K miles for a domestic economy seat that would’ve cost R1 968 (R1.25 per mile). Excellent deal: Spend 100K miles for a first-class round-trip that runs R7 278 (R4.64 per mile). This info can get you three to six times the rand value for miles.

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3 Healthy Hotels: Rooms With Benefits

If you trying to find out how to book a last minute trip, it’s always good to know which hotels will provide you with the most comfort. Based on your needs these are the ones you should book:

For Deep Sleep

Starwood hotels: Custom beds

The Westin and Sheraton carry their own sleep well lines, with pillow-top mattresses designed to eliminate pressure points and improve blood circulation. Kick jet lag’s ass.

For More Mileage

Radisson Blu: Cardio concierge

#Blu-Routes are walking, running and cycling routes that start and end at the Radisson Blu hotels, designed to show you the best local routes and scenery and get your steps in.

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For Good Cooks

Hilton: homemade foods

Sushi, Indian, Cape Malay, Asian. The Hilton serves up local and international dishes that differ from hotel to hotel. Some even offer cooking classes with their chefs.

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