7 Ways To Celebrate Your Mom, Other Than Going To A Restaurant Or Buying Her A Gift

You don’t have to send a 120 –rose extravaganza to your mom to celebrate her. Nor do you have to settle for the default meal-out at her favourite restaurant.

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If you’d rather spend some time with her instead of spending cash on a gift, these are some Mother’s Day ideas that will make her heart happy. And remember, if your kids are too young to spoil mom with anything other than a hand-made card, it’s your job to step up. She might not be your mom, but she’s the mother of your kids, and worthy of celebrating.

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Make Mother’s Day an experience-filled celebration and one she will remember. Here’s how:

Have A Picnic

Head to Pick n Pay or Woolies and stock up on snacks. If you’re short on time and you’ve left your planning to the last minute (yes, we all do it), the Woolworth’s snack section has some of the tastiest treats you can get your hands on and it requires little-to-no cooking time.

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Snacks that always go down well: Cucumbers and carrots with humus, cheese and biscuits with figs or onion marmalade, mini sausage rolls, mini burgers, mini quiches. Seriously, anything mini is great for grub-on-the go. Throw in some koeksusters and cupcakes as well as a bottle of wine or fruit juice and you’ve got yourself one lekker picnic.

You could head to a local park, or if you’re not in the mood for driving, make a cute set up in the garden. Just don’t forget the blankets, pillows, glasses, plates and cutlery! Nothing ruins a picnic like drinking from the bottle.

Cook Her A Meal

This might seem like an obvious one but it’s something we forget all too often. Moms just want to know they’re loved and appreciated. And putting in effort and time says that far more clearly and meaningfully than candles and roses shipped to her home.

We’re loving UCook at the moment because they take the stress out of cooking. You choose the meals you want from a selection and then they send the box with the recipe and the pre-measured, pre-packed ingredients straight to your door, ready for cooking. Whip her up a meal you probably wouldn’t have been able to think up or cook up were it not for UCook.

Orders placed before Wednesday 8 May will be delivered on Sunday 12 May in time for a Mother’s Day dinner, or pick Monday delivery and treat your mom to home-cooked dinners all week long. Imagine how much your mom will appreciate having her nightly routine made that much easier by you. She’ll be boasting about you in book club! Order your UCOOK Box today! Price: 2 person box from R470. See www.ucook.co.za for more info.

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Do A Workout Class Together

Is your mom into health and fitness? Why not take her to the Women’s Health Chase The Sun event, taking place on Saturday? The early morning weekend workout is dedicated to mindfulness, stretching, toning and letting go in the outdoors. The programme starts just before sunrise with an empowering, body positive stretching and relaxation exercise, followed by a sunrise Pilates and body conditioning movement session, wrapped up with an energising dance workout, all set against the majestic backdrop of Val de Vie Estate. There are discounts for double tickets so treat her to tickets for her and a mate or go as a mom-and-son bonding thing. She’ll love it. Book your tickets here. 

Go To A Museum

When last did you play tourist in the city you live in? Sure it might seem like a stupid idea. But when you really think about it, every day you drive past so many interesting places and wonders and you don’t even think twice about them. You don’t need to travel far in order to be a tourist. Pick up a map about your city or google and head to TripAdvisor. We’re sure there are loads of places you’ve either forgotten about or had no idea existed.

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Spending the day exploring the place you live in is an unusual and fun activity to do with your mom and makes it one of the more unusual Mother’s Day ideas. She will love the thought that you put into planning a day trip and choosing the places you’ll visit. Will you head to a history museum, the aquarium or an art gallery? The world is your museum, time to explore it.

Browse A Market

Going out for a bite to eat can be pretty pricy and there’s no need to let a benedict break your budget. This is on of the more simple Mother’s Day ideas. Head to a local food market and pick up some fresh veggies or have a meal there instead. Not only have you made eating out an adventure and activity, but you will also be getting top quality food, and supporting local businesses to boot.

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We love the Oranjezicht City Market in Cape Town, The Neighbourgoods Market in Joburg and The Shongweni Farmer’s Market in Durban. Not around these? It’s simple, just google and you are bound to find some near you.

Get The Adrenalin Pumping

… If that’s her thing. Paragliding, hot hair ballooning, paddling on the ocean. If she’s into adventure and adrenalin, you’ve got that in abundance. Sky diving? Scuba diving? Bungee jumping? Fill her heart with love by filling her heart with fear first! It’s a different way to spend your day but we’re sure all the moms and sons at brunch will be jealous of your outing. The best part? You’ll enjoy it, too.

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Try Sea Kayaking: If you’re in Cape Town contact Sea Kayak Trips and if you’re in Durban contact Ushaka Kayak Lessons.

Take Her To See A Show

Stage productions or musicals might not be your thing. But, surprise, this day isn’t about you, it’s about her which is why these Mother’s Day ideas aren’t for you. Think about how many of your cricket, rugby, soccer matches and sports days she sat through, cheering you on. We guarantee she wasn’t doing it because she had a secret passion for tries or LBW’s.

Take her for a night out at the theatre. At the moment, the hilarious Offbeat Broadway 5 – Behaving Badly is showing at The Theatre on The Bay in Cape Town (get tickets here) and the Chicago, the Musical is currently at Montecasino (get tickets here), and if you google your nearest theatre you can find out what is showing and buy tickets.

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