A Guy’s Guide: Keep Your Home Clean With These 5 YouTube Videos

Guys, let's get our act together.

One way to fight stress and anxiety while burning a few calories (ie. getting off the couch), experts say, is the act of cleaning. We know you’ve been meaning to clean up and keep your place tidy during lockdown (right?) and now more than ever it needs to be done, with personal and home hygiene gaining increased importance due to the coronavirus pandemic, the following YouTube channels are jam-packed with inspiration for getting your house in order room by room — literally.

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Todd Konitzer

In this hilarious yet helpful video, Todd Konitzer takes us through his startling discovery of the world of YouTube cleaning videos. We sure are glad that he took it upon himself to contribute to this underground genre in order to help us in these challenging times. Click through to get Todd’s extreme cleaning tips.

Jessica Tull

Have you been tossing old newspapers, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, old tools and useless toys in your garage for years? If you want to stop the cycle, Jessica Tull is here for you. Get inspired as she transforms her complete disaster of a garage into an orderly sanctuary.

Clean My Space

With only 60 minutes to get his house spick and span, Chad, from Clean My Space, talks us through how he cleans his bedroom, office, living room and bathroom, staircase, kitchen, and dining room – in an hour, flat.

Jansen’s DIY

Bathrooms and small spaces, in general, can very quickly get very out of hand. The folks over at Jansen’s DIY (a channel dedicated to home improvement, life hacks and DIY-related topics) have compiled a list of twenty ways to organise and create storage space in small bathrooms.

Belinda Selene

If you finally feel inspired enough to take on an extreme home clean, clean along to Belinda Selene who has decided to use her social distancing time to give herself a kickstart in productivity and take her mind off things.

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