7 South African Actors That You Should Be Following On Instagram

These leading men are worth watching, even when the cameras aren't rolling

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This week’s #FollowFriday is dedicated to men who have made it big on the big (and small) screen. We may only recognise them for their characters, but their life outside the television shows just how hardworking they are. Here are seven South African actors that you need to follow on Instagram.

Joshua Eady

Joshua Eady is a 22-year-old model and actor who recently rose to fame after starring in the Netflix original film The Kissing Booth as Tuppen. Eady also enjoys photography and travel.

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Nic Rasenti

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Nic Rasenti is best known for his roles in popular TV series such as Outlander where he plays Hogan, and Black Sails for his character Mr. Holmes. In order to stay in shape for these roles he constantly pushes himself at the gym, and is a great motivator when it comes to working out.

Irshaad Ally

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Irshaad Ally is a Capetonian actor who’s career in entertainment was sparked after he was a contestant on the second season of Survivor:SA. He would later on star in series such as SuidoosterHomeland and Cape Town (alongside Boris Kojo). Ally has also had major roles on the big screen in local movies including Four Corners, and the more recent Nommer 37.

Daniel Bonjour

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Daniel Bonjour is a 36-year-old Johannesburg-born actor and director who’s made his name in Hollywood by starring in The Walking DeadiZombie and Frequency. 

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Clint Brink

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This actor, musician and fitness enthusiast is always on the move. Clint Brink’s career includes major acting roles in BackstageGenerations and Scandal!. Clintalongside his wife, Steffi, continue to show their love for each other and for the gym on the ‘gram.

Shona Ferguson

Shot some really good stuff today ?? #TheQueenMzansi

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Actor and producer Shona Ferguson is famous for his strong character portrayal in soapies such as MuvhangoScandal! and Rockville. His Instagram gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the grind and hard work that he puts in to all his shows.

Nico Panagio

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Nico Panagio made his way through the entertainment industry by both acting and presenting. The former 7de Laan star would take on films such as Semi-Soet and The CEO. He is also the host of the Survivor:SA series.

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