5 Epic Bench Press Fails

Kirsten Curtis |

These videos will leave you laughing and cringing

The bench press is a classic in the world of weightlifting. While it lacks the showmanship of some of the full-body moves, like the snatch or clean and jerk, it demands respect as a simple benchmark test of upper-body strength. The movement itself is simple and can reap a lot of benefits, but as you will see in the videos below, there’s a surprising amount that can go wrong. If you’ve ever taken a bar to the throat, stomach, or chest, you know what we’re talking about.

These five videos will have you simultaneously laughing and cringing at these people’s bench press slip-ups. If there’s anything to be taken away from these other than, “Great, I needed a laugh!” it’s a few, key bench press lessons. For your own sake, take note.

1. Don’t bench without a spotter. In fact, don’t lift anything without a spotter. Get yourself a swolemate ASAP, because it’s all fun and games until someone gets pinned under a 90-kilogram bar.

2. It’s alright that you can’t bench 130 kgs. No one really cares that much. If you’re not there, it’s cool. If you are there, that’s cool, too. Just don’t make your spotter do a deadlift every single time you try to bench.

3. Use clips when lifting. While a cascade of plates makes for a hilarious video, the clean-up is the worst and there is literally no sound louder than an avalanche of plates hitting the gym floor.

Those were only some of many real-life takeaways we came up with, just from watching these guys in action. Please come up with your own bench-life lessons, and, of course, enjoy.






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