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A picture can tell a thousand words, get a million likes and be seen by billions across the world. Here are four photographers who we recommend to anyone who appreciates great landscapes, intricate portraits and a well told visual story.

Kelvin Trautman (@kelvintrautman)

photography follow friday social media instagram

“I think of a photo as a story. When you consider yourself as the storyteller, then immediately you create imagery with intent and meaning. It’s here where we all can create powerful imagery,” says Kelvin Trautman, professional photographer, film-maker, athlete and adventurer.

photography follow friday social media instagram

“Listen to your senses, and pay attention to first impressions – how does what’s in front of your camera make you feel, what does it smell like, sound like, look like, even taste like? And then capture that.”

This elite shooter immerses himself in the story, whether it requires running full ultra races while carrying cameras, or swimming in freezing water to capture the best image.

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Kyle Green (@kyle.kingsley)

photography follow friday social media instagram

While completing a Business Science degree at the University of Cape Town, Kyle Green craved a creative outlet. Studying at a campus in the midst of protests, he did what most students were doing at the time, and picked up a camera.

This was the first real story he’d documented, and it revealed an untapped talent for shooting unpredictable elements: fire, mist, lights and fireworks. But how does he capture the perfect shot, when he only has one shot?

photography follow friday social media instagram

“Photography is a blank canvas; and my way isn’t necessarily the best or only way, so head out and push the boundaries of your creativity!”

Kyle’s now a professional photographer specialising in sport, wildlife, event, landscape and travel photography. But he started the same as every single other guy. “I literally just picked up a camera, and started taking photographs of whatever I could.”

Ydwer van der Heide (@YDWER)

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Ydwer van der Heide (@YDWER) is not your average extreme sports photographer – you might’ve guessed that. Hailing from the Netherlands, he’s been coming to SA for years to shoot the best kiters in the world.

But Ydwer’s journey began way before the masses discovered Instagram filters. He started kiteboarding at 13, and met a lot of guys who became professional athletes. “It was a fast-growing sport, so there was a need for good photos. I focused on quality, and came up with new, creative ideas that were noticed by brands and magazines all over the world,” says Ydwer.

photography follow friday social media instagram

“The better you can predict what’s coming, the easier it is to anticipate. Communication between the athlete and the photographer is key.”

It’s his skill with kite, not camera, that gives him the edge. “Get into the sport that you want to take photos of. It’s essential that you’re part of the whole scene. Athletes like to work with people who understand what they’re doing.” When it comes to action shots, knowing and understanding the subject is important. And you have one shot at the perfect shot. Or at least think that way, every time you shoot.

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Craig Howes (@craighowes)

photography follow friday social media instagram

Less than a year ago, Craig Howes was a portfolio manager for unsecured credit. Now he’s a full-time travel photographer and videographer who has started his own content creation agency. So how did he take the leap from corporate to creative?

“The leap I took was very much a calculated risk; part of me felt like I wasn’t living life to the fullest. But I waited till the moment I was ready, my skill was where it needed to be and I had some good clients. I’m all for taking risks, but they need to be well thought out to minimise the chance of falling short.”

photography follow friday social media instagram

“The biggest waste of money is spending it on things and not experiences. Rather buy an average camera in the beginning and spend the rest on travelling, than have the best camera that sits at home”

It’s all about starting off slowly and working towards your goal. Craig started off shooting with his iPhone and gradually, as he improved, he upgraded his cameras. But don’t make the same mistake many amateurs do; it’s not about the camera, it’s about the photographer and the skills.

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photography follow friday social media instagram

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