June 2016


Take The Road Less Travelled

You may not always have the time or money to hit the open road, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shift mental gears and forge a new lifestyle path. Answer the call of adventure with these tried and tested methods…
Enter The Belly Off Reader’s Challenge

The Men’s Health Belly Off Reader’s Challenge invites guys to share stories of their weight-loss successes. We want to see your transformations and hear about how you went about turning your life around.

We want to see guys whose lives have been changed by better eating, smarter exercise and healthy living. That’s why we believe the Belly Off Reader’s Challenge is such an important initiative.

This is your platform. Every week we’ll be choosing entrants and sharing their stories.

Build Nerves Of Steel

You don’t need the heart of a lion to face danger, you need a plan. Follow Bear Grylls’s advice for finding your way out trouble every time.

Listen To This Strength Coach

This top strength coach recommends you include the barbell row in every strength workout to address a common strength imbalance.

Embark On A Sexual Adventure

Your skin is two square metres of intimate sensory data. The Journal of Psychological Science has recently made some interesting discoveries: