You’ve Got Stress

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From the moment you step into the office one of the first things you do is check your email. It is known to be one of the most common online activities in the world today. But checking your email too often can have an effect on your well-being according to a new study.

Published in Computers in Human Behavior the study investigated how the frequency of checking one’s email affects their well-being over a period of two weeks. During the first week adults were randomly assigned to a limit of checking their emails three times a day. In the second week they were given free range to check emails however often they wanted.

What the study found is that during the week when participants were limited to three times a day they experienced significantly lower daily stress in comparison to the week when they were given free range. This can then relate into lower stress, which predicts a higher well-being on a diverse range of well-being outcomes.

Checking your email less frequently can have beneficial outcomes in reducing psychological stress.

Here are some ways to Beat Work Stress.

You can go for a RUN, or Kick a Ball. Try it and be stress free!

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