Don’t Mix Booze With Painkillers

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Popping painkillers with G&T is a bad idea: it may be putting you at risk of kidney and liver disease. This is according to a new preliminary study by researchers from Parker University in Dallas, who analysed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of over 10 000 people.

While previous studies found that chronic Tylenol and chronic alcohol use were both associated with kidney and liver disease, this study found that combining the two puts you at risk. Neither normal use of Tylenol nor normal use of alcohol were associated with an increased risk of kidney disease, found the study. Try having a cuppa: in another study, it was found that Coffee Is Good For Your Liver.

But mixing the two were associated with a 2, 23-fold higher risk. Of the 2, 7% of people who combined alcohol with Tylenol, almost half reported impaired kidney function. Try our Ultimate Detox Drink, that will flush those toxins right out of your kidney. Though labels warn against mixing the two, several people are still unaware of the harmful interaction between alcohol and Tylenol, according to lead researcher Harrison Ndetan.

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