Why Salt Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Rep

Men's Health |

Are you rolling the dice every time you sprinkle salt on your dinner, or does salt get an undeserved bad rep? Men’s Healthnutrition advisor Mike Roussel, Ph.D., sticks up for salt on this week’s episode of Men’s Health Live.

“Sodium and your heart health is such a controversial issue,” says Roussel. Much of salt’s bad rap comes from its effect on blood pressure. “But there are also a lot of things that impact blood pressure,” he says.

Plus, the amount of salt that you’re adding to a home-cooked meal is nothing compared to what’s included in preserved snacks or dinner from your favorite restaurant.

How can you decrease your BP without giving up salt? Losing weight, increasing potassium, and engaging in solid workouts all drop blood pressure, says Roussel.

“I like to attack other areas of food first, because I think salt makes food taste better.”

Research suggests that a salt deficiency can be unhealthy and even lead to blood pressure spikes.



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