Why Running Barefoot Is Bad

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Distance runners take a lot of strain to their feet and have a high risk of stress injury due to the repetitive ground impact forces exerted, according to a new study. What this study questions is whether barefoot running or shod running (running with shoes) is best. To promote healing of such injuries, barefoot running has been highlighted in both the media and on the market recently. Let’s see if the shoe fits, or if less is more. While barefoot running may benefit some, differences in running stance and individual biomechanics may actually increase injury risk when transitioning to barefoot running, so it’s not a concrete solution to heal or prevent foot injuries, found the study. Barefoot running utility should instead be assessed on an athlete-specific basis to determine whether barefoot running will be beneficial, say the authors of the study. For other foot problems, see our 5 Worst Foot Problems Solved. Also try our Foot Care Guide to give your feet some TLC.

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