What If I Turned Off My Phone After Work?

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Men’s Health Editor, Jason Brown, put down his smartphone. Here’s why you should, too


The Men’s Health editor, whose job requires him to be plugged in 24/7


Leave office stress in the office. “Make your smartphone work for you, rather than be at its mercy,” says David Swink, chief creative officer of Strategic Interactions.


Swink recommends putting the phone in a drawer, turning off the ringer and setting up a regular time every couple of hours to check and answer email for five minutes.


“Social media has become so entwined in our lives, it’s easy to endlessly check in. To start, it was tough, but once I got home I got into a routine of switching to silent and leaving my phone on the entrance table, only reading email once and then only checking Twitter twice (mostly). I even took my work email off my iPad! Overall, I felt cleansed, less stressed and was more engaged at home. I purposefully read more books and stopped checking in at bedtime. Those mini-interruptions – not just work, but Twitter, Facebook and email from friends – really take their toll. ”