Using Mobile Technology For Work Affects You

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Using mobile devices for work can be a mixed blessing when it comes to stress levels and life satisfaction.

According to this Gallop (American) poll of over 4000 adults, those who frequently check their work email outside of work and who work remotely after hours reported feeling more stressed, but at the same time rated having a higher life satisfaction. Respectively, 36% and 37% of participants who never check their work emails at home or never worked remotely, reported experiencing more stress on the previous day compared to 48% of those who regularly checked their work mails from home, and 47% among those who worked remotely 7+ hours per week.

But those who work remotely and check mails from home also felt that they were thriving, say authors. More than half (54% of those who never checked emails from home, 52% – those who never worked remotely) reported thriving compared to 63% who frequently checked emails at home and those who worked remotely 7+ hours per week.