TV Worsens Sleep Quality

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Bad news for those of you who can’t fall asleep without  the TV or light on: you’re compromising the quality of your sleep. A small Korean study found that sleeping with the light or TV on could impair sleep quality. Participants underwent a sleep study over two nights: one night without light and the other with a bright fluorescent lamp a few feet away. Time spent in bed and time sleeping time was the same on both nights, but the quality of sleep was impaired when the light was on. On that night, the time spent in the first stage of sleep – the shallowest kind – was increased and time spent in the deeper stages of sleep that are vital for memory, decreased. 90% of participants reported feeling like they had poorer quality of sleep with the light on. Try these tips to get Your Best Night’s Sleep. It’s also worth checking whether there’s a difference in the quality of your sleep when the lights and TV are off compared to when it’s on.