Think Vitamin Supplements Are Doing Wonders For Your Health? Think Again

Men's Health |

In a recent press release by Dr Tim Byers of the University of Colorado Cancer Center investigator MD, MPH, describes his latest research as showing over-the-counter supplements and vitamins may increase the risk of some cancers if taken in excess of the recommended daily amount.

For example, taking too much calcium can result in the growth of kidney stones, kidney failure, and hypercalcemia. Too much vitamin C stops the body’s ability to absorb copper. And too much of vitamins A, D, and K, can become toxic within the body, according to the American Cancer Society.

Our advice. Use vitamin supplements in moderation and stick to the recommended dosage directions.  The most important aspect contributing to ones health is a healthy and balanced diet. Supplements should be used o make up for deficiencies diagnosed by your doctor. Not as a replacement for a lack of eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. “If taken at the correct dosage, multivitamins can be good for you. But there is no substitute for good, nutritional food,” Byers said.