Test Yourself: The Better You Do The Longer You Live

Men's Health |

Stand up, and push your chair out of the way. Now cross your legs and sit on the floor. Next, return to a standing position. Got it? You just completed the Sitting-Rising Test, which research suggests is an excellent predictor of how long you’ll live.

Here’s how to do it:

Give yourself 5 points for sitting down, but subtract a point for each hand, knee, or other body part you had to use to get there.

Give yourself another 5 points for standing up, but, again, subtract a point for each support used.

Each point you earn is associated with a 21% decrease in death from all causes.

While it’s long been known that aerobic fitness is linked to longevity, researchers believe that the Sitting-Rising Test demonstrates that flexibility, muscle strength, and coordination can help you live longer, too.