Take Aspirin Daily To Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk

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Pancreatic cancer has very dismal survival rates, with a five-year survival less than five percent. A new study negates the findings of older studies trying to link aspirin use and pancreatic cancer risk. The older studies could have been affected by the fact that aspirin was taken for pain relief from conditions related to the risk of pancreatic cancer where only recently have people been taking aspirin in low-doses for cardiovascular disease prevention long enough to actually have an effect on pancreatic cancer risk.

The study collected information on low-dose (75-325 mg per day) and regular aspirin use from 362 people with pancreatic cancer. Another 690 randomly chosen people were used for control purposes. Overall, the study found that there was a 48% lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer with regular aspirin use as well as, the longer the use of aspirin daily, the lower the risk.

Daily use of aspirin itself also comes with its own risks and the decisions to use it should be individualised and based on a benefit-risk assessment.


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