4 Ways To Prep Your Skin For The Onslaught Of The Summer Sun

From skin dehydration to sun damage, skin problems can put a dampener on your summer schedule.

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Summer is coming and so is the fun of outdoor sports and hours on the beach. But summer can also be quite damaging to your skin. From skin dehydration to sun damage, skin problems can really put a dampener on your summer schedule.

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Clere for Men and brand manager, Themba Ndlovu offers a few simple tips to help you prepare your skin for the summer heat…

Get physical

Just because you already have your abs chiselled for summer, doesn’t mean that you can relax on the exercise. Working out boosts circulation, nourishes your skin and, supports the production of collagen. In addition, increased sweating from exercise is a great health benefit as a detoxifier. It helps draw toxins out of the body and cleanse the pores of congestion. To get your body and skin ready for summer – the answer is regular exercise. As for the best type of exercise for your skin, from yoga and stretching to a jog outside or a spinning session, any type of movement will do.


The transition from winter to summer can be challenging on your skin, and you’ll need to update your skincare regime accordingly. Swap heavy moisturisers and crèmes for a lightweight body lotion like Clere for Men’s 48-hour moisturising range available in Ice, Fire and Storm. The combination of Glycerine will hydrate skin and Vitamins E&A will help moisturise your skin without leaving it feeling oily or greasy. The fast absorption means you’re left with smooth, moisturised skin with no white residue.

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Up your water intake

Higher temperatures and more time outdoors can lead to internal dehydration; make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your moisture levels up. Having an extra glass or two of water will help you stay hydrated, on the outside and inside, and your skin will thank you for it too.

Avoid hot water

Long, hot showers and baths will dry out your skin. Rather, switch to lukewarm water; and to leave your skin looking and feeling smooth, finish your bath or shower with a cool rinse. Use soaps and shampoos enriched with natural oils such as avocado, olive or coconut.

Skin-loving nutrients

Eating well is one of the ultimate forms of self-care, so make sure that you increase your intake of nutrient-dense foods that contain antioxidant compounds such as fruits, vegetables, lean meat and fish.

Keep your fridge stocked with lots of fruits and vegetables to help hydrate your skin.

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