StarCraft: You Start To Slow Down After 24

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Michael Phelps should probably read what a group of scientists discovered about cognitive motor performance, before coming out of retirement.

The scientists found that you get a bit slower after 24, after analysing the digital performance records of 3,305 StarCraft 2 players between the ages of 16 and 44.

When analysing the gamer’s records, the scientists looked at how long gamers of different ages took to react. “After around 24 years of age, players show slowing in a measure of cognitive speed that is known to be important for performance,” explains Joe Thompson, the lead author of the study.

With the loss of youth comes wisdom though.

“Older players, though slower, seem to compensate by employing simpler strategies and using the game’s interface more efficiently than younger players, enabling them to retain their skill, despite cognitive motor-speed loss,” says Thompson. The older players are more inclined to use keyboard shortcuts to make up for their decrease in speed, according to the study.

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