Red Wine Exercise?

Men's Health |

You may have heard that a glass of red wine at night might actually be good for you. Well research has shown that the key healthy ingredient may actually protect against the effects of sedentary lifestyles – good news for those of us who spend the day in front of a computer.

“As strange as it sounds, a new research study published in the FASEB Journal, suggests that the “healthy” ingredient in red wine, resveratrol, may prevent the negative effects that spaceflight and sedentary lifestyles have on people. The report describes experiments in rats that simulated the weightlessness of spaceflight, during which the group fed resveratrol did not develop insulin resistance or a loss of bone mineral density, as did those who were not fed resveratrol.”

**Bottom Line:** A moderate intake of red wine can actually help you (but , of course, it doesn’t replace exercise and healthy eating).

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