Prolonged Sitting Comes With Health Risks

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Most people are not aware of the risks of prolonged sitting as a risk factor for poor health. Sitting could be killing you and you need to do something about it.

During a 2011 telephone survey of 1256 adults in Queensland Australia the research explored physical activity and sedentary activity habits and if the participants had knowledge of the risks of developing cardiovascular problems associated with sitting for very long periods or without getting regular exercise.

The survey assessed the participants’ socio-demographic characteristics, physical activity, sitting behaviours and awareness of cardiovascular disease according to three sitting behaviours. Firstly, by sitting for prolonged periods, then if they sat for prolonged periods whilst engaging in regular physical activity and lastly breaking up periods of prolonged sitting with short activity breaks. Age was used as the most important variable along with body mass index, physical activity, TV viewing, employment status and time spent at work.

Awareness of the risks associated with prolonged sitting ranged from 23.3% to 67% but was found that younger adults were the least aware of the dangers to health factors. They had high levels across all variables examined and the cardio vascular disease risk was moderately high overall.

Maybe there are ways to combat prolonged sitting, at work for example, like a treadmill desks ?

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