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Binge Drinking In College May Increase Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease Later In

This small study suggests that binge drinking among college students might impair their future cardiovascular health. Studies in older people have already found that binge drinking is linked to higher risk of cardiovascular disease. To see what effect binge drinking had on younger adults, researchers conducted this small study with 36 college students who were either binge drinkers or alcohol abstainers. They found impairments in the ability of blood vessels to dilate — the type of changes that could lead to atherosclerosis — in the binge drinkers. There were signs of vessel constriction among the binge drinkers up to four days after they stopped drinking. Please note that this is a small, cross-sectional study. No conclusions can be drawn that binge drinking causes cardiovascular disease. The article and Editorial were scheduled for online publication on 23 April 2013 at “Journal of the American College of Cardiology.”

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