Oral B Develops ‘Super’ Toothbrush

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Prepare to cut down on visits to the dentist. Not only does the new smart Oral-B Black 7000 have up to 800 brush movements per second, it includes SmartGuide technology.

This is a wireless display that basically acts as your home dentist, providing feedback as you brush – guiding you through a two-minute brush, as recommended by dental professionals.

For travellers, the Oral-B Black 7000 comes with a travel case and has a Oral-B smartphone app – which will guide your on-the-go brushing. You’ll have the option of six different modes: a new tongue cleaner mode for fresh breath, deep clean, sensitive, daily clean, massage and a whitening mode. This will ensure that you remove twice the amount of plaque that a manual brush does. Got other mouth problems? We answer your questions about The Mouth of Man.

P.s: Not available commercially yet, only via e-commerce. On the bright side, while you wait, try these 4 Steps To Whiter Teeth.