One Vitamin To Rule Them All

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A Recent study furthers what we already know about vitamin D. that it’s crucial for athletic performance.

Researchers took 103 athletes from the National Collegiate Athletic Association in Oklahoma and found that those with lower vitamin D status had lower muscular strength and anaerobic power.

What’s anaerobic power and why it’s extremely important for athletes

The Vertical Jump, Shuttle Run, Triple Hop for Distance and the 1 Repetition Maximum Squat Tests were measured. Of the study participants, about a third were either vitamin D insufficient (23%) or deficient (9%), even though the majority of the athletes reported that they were in the sunquite a bit before the blood test which measured their Vit D level.

On average, the athletes’ vitamin D intake from food and supplements was only at 31% of the recommended daily dose.

The results support existing evidence that a lack of vitamin D is associated with decreased muscle function.

It also highlights the notion that even in the southern United States where it’s easier to get sun, deficiencies still exist.

Here are our top 10 recommendations for natural sources of Vitamin D.

#1 Cod liver Oil

#2 Oily Fish (Trout, cooked)

#3 Mushrooms

#4 Whole Grain Total

#5 Tofu

#6 Cavier

#7 Dairy Products

#8 Pork

#9 Hard Boiled Eggs

#10 Dairy Alternatives (Soymilk, Almond milk)


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