The One Kitchen Ingredient You’ve Been Underestimating

Behold the mighty mushroom

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If you’re looking to drop a few kg’s of fat but still gain decent muscle mass, mushrooms may be the one kitchen ingredient that’s the go-to source of protein you’re after. Packed with meaty flavour, a hearty texture and very few calories, carbs, and sodium, mighty mushrooms are just what the men in your life need to stay lean, healthy and strong. Whether you eat them on toast for breakfast or decide to pop them in a simple risotto a dish, #MightyMeatyMushrooms aren’t just delicious and nutrient rich; they’re also proven allies in the fight against heart attacks, obesity and prostate cancer – three major health risks for males.

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Take a look at these facts:

Mushrooms and Protein

100g white button mushrooms

Protein: 3,1g

Total fat: 0,3g

Saturated fat: 0,1g

Calories: 22

Benefit: Replace meat with mushrooms: to lose weight yet still gain muscle.

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Mushrooms and Selenium

1 cup Portabellini mushrooms

Selenium: 36mcg

Calories: 80

Benefit:Selenium is a recognised ally against prostate cancer

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Mushrooms and Sodium

100g Mushrooms

Sodium: 14mg

Benefit: A low salt diet allows 400-1000mg of sodium per day; mushrooms contain a mere 14mg of sodium per 100g.

Mushrooms and Potassium

1 cup sliced white mushrooms

Potassium: 428mg

Calories: 15

Benefit: Diets rich in potassium and low in sodium can reduce the risk of heart attacks.


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