Omega Fatty Acids Linked To Depression Relief

Men's Health |

Researchers have found a link between link between depression and inflammation. After scanning the brains of 20 patients with depression and 20 healthy participants, a research team observed significant inflammation in the brains of people with depression. In fact, symptom severity directly related to inflammation levels — the patients with the highest depression levels had a 30% inflammatory increase.

Your body uses inflammation as a defense to protect against disease or infection. While you probably recognize inflammation when your sprained ankle begins to swell, you may not understand that your brain also can become inflamed.

In the study conducted by scientists from Emory and Harvard University, by the end of the eight-week period, each participant’s level of depression was assessed. The “high inflammation” subjects improved more with EPA than with either placebo or DHA.

You can get your EPA from Omega fatty acid supplements or sources such as tuna, salmon, mackarel or flaxseeds.