Monkeys Follow Men’s Health Advice

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Turns out that Men’s Health advice, of watching what you eat, may have saved the lives of a few rhesus monkeys according to a new study published in the journal – Nature Communications.

The study wants to determine if caloric restriction (limiting the amount of kilojoules or calories you consume), can extend lifespan. Scientists found that monkey’s whose kilojoule intake was limited, were 2.9 times less likely to suffer from disease than those who ate as much as they wanted.

The on-going 25 year old study, performed at Wisconsin National Primate Research Centre, follows the lives of two groups of monkeys, one group follows a diet restricted in carbohydrates by 30 percent, while the other has access to as much food as they desire.

Scientists have already determined that a restricted kilojoule intake can increase the lifespan of rats by 40 percent, because it offsets the occurrence of age-related illnesses. Conducting a study on monkeys is the most effective way to determine if the same treatment will hold true for humans.

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Find out more at University of Wisconsin website.

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