Mobility Shoes Reduce Knee Stress

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For those with knee osteoarthritis, there may be a new solution afoot. In a small study, people with knee OT who wore mobility shoes experienced changes in their gait and less loading on the inner part of the knee where most people develop osteoarthritis. Mobility shoes are flat, flexible shoes that mimic barefoot walking.
Participants wore the shoes for six hours a day, six days a week, over a period of six months. The results? Knee loading on the inner part of the knee was reduced by 18% when wearing mobility shoes. When the participants walked barefoot or in their own shoes, researchers also found reduced knee loading, which suggests that mobility shoes may have “retrained” the participants’ gait.
Footwear choice may be an important consideration in the management of knee OT, says the researchers. Based on these study results, a patented shoe design was developed and is sold by Dr. Comfort.