Manage Stress Like A Boss In These Unprecedented Times

Because we could all do with some serious chill

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You must’ve used and heard the phrase “I’m so stressed out!” a million times in the last few weeks – with the keys to our freedom and an end to life on lockdown, seeming to be a constantly moving target.

It’s normal to feel a heightened sense of anxiety during this time and quite frankly – we’ve all been stressed about something at some point in our lives. But, have you ever stopped to wonder what stress really is? Well, whether you have – or haven’t – you’re about to find out…

Simply put – stress is how your brain and body react to any type of challenge; be it work, a school exam, a traumatic event, significant life change or a the current global health crisis known as the Covid-19 pandemic.

How to know if you’re stressed?

If you haven’t been able to stop a series of negative thoughts or if you constantly feel your heart racing, it’s time to pay attention. The physical expressions of stress include a faster pulse, increased breathing rate and tense muscles. While stress can motivate you to do your best, long-term chronic stress can be debilitating. Symptoms may include headaches, sleeplessness, sadness, anger or irritability. Over time, stress may cause serious health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or mental disorders such as depression. [1]

Get a handle on it

The key is to find a way to manage or treat stress before it takes over your life and well-being. Around the world, more and more people are waking up to the pharmacological benefits of cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD. CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant which researchers have been studying for potential therapeutic use.[2]

Separating myths from science

What they’ve found has been life-changing for many: CBD has been shown to provide relief to those experiencing stress symptoms such as anxiety, muscular tension, restlessness, fatigue and poor concentration. [3] Better still: CBD may relieve stress without slowing down your psychomotor responses or altering moods[4], and for those concerned about how it will affect your sleep or daily tasks… CBD is suitable for daytime use.[5] 

With countless cannabis myths and legends now being backed by science, Adcock Ingram (Pty) Ltd, a leading pharmaceutical company, is pleased to announce the launch of its flagship cannabis-based, range – ADCO CBD, in South Africa.

The range includes:


The ADCO CBD range of products has been formulated using cannabidiol isolate[6], processed from the cannabis raw plant, in line with the recent Government Gazette which permits CBD preparations to contain a maximum daily dose of 20 mg CBD.[7] Products are laboratory tested, quality controlled, and do not contain sugar or tartrazine.

Trusted, reliable, reputable ADCO CBD products are now available from Clicks, Dis-Chem and independent pharmacies. ADCO CBD PAIN is available in drops (15 ml and 30 ml), capsule and gel format, and ADCO CBD STRESS is available in drops (15 ml and 30 ml) and capsule format.

For more information, visit and join the conversation on Facebook.

ADCO CBD PAIN 200 (Oil Drops; 15 ml): Each 1.5 ml contains cannabidiol isolate 20 mg.
ADCO CBD STRESS 200 (Oil Drops 15 ml): Each 1.5 ml contains cannabidiol isolate 20 mg.
ADCO CBD PAIN 600 (Oil Drops; 30 ml): Each 1 ml contains cannabidiol isolate 20 mg.
ADCO CBD STRESS 600 (Oil Drops 30 ml): Each 1 ml contains cannabidiol isolate 20 mg.
ADCO CBD PAIN 20 mg (Capsules): Each capsule contains cannabidiol isolate 20 mg.
ADCO CBD STRESS 20 mg (Capsules): Each capsule contains cannabidiol isolate 20 mg.
This unregistered medicine has not been evaluated by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority for quality, safety or intended use. 202003031019127. Adcock Ingram Limited. Reg. No. 1949/034385/06. Private Bag X69, Bryanston, 2021, South Africa. Tel. +27 11 635 0000


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