Looking Old For Your Age?

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If you’re one of those dudes who’s going grey and wrinkling before his time, more bad news for you, unfortunately. According to a new study, this may be a sign that you’re at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.  When the study started, 10 885 participants, aged 20 to 93, were examined for visible signs of ageing, such as a receding hairline, grey hair, crown top baldness, wrinkles, and earlobe crease, among other signs. No participants had ischemic heart disease (IHD) at the start of the study, but during the 35-year follow up, 3 401 of them had developed the disease, and 1 708 had a heart attack.  Researchers found that male-pattern baldness, a receding hair line, crown baldness, earlobe creases, and xanthelasmata (cholesterol deposits on eyelids) in men were all independantly associated with IHD and heart attack. And the risk of these conditions increased with more visible signs of ageing, and the absolute 10-year risk of these conditions increased with an increasing number of visible signs of ageing. In comparison to those with none of these ageing signs, those with three or four signs had a 40% higher risk of IDH and a 57% higher risk of heart attack. See what may be ageing you:

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