Is It Better To Have A Circumcised Penis?

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A circumcised penis may not necessarily be a cut above the rest, suggests a new study. The study investigated whether circumcision is more beneficial to sexual functioning in men, or if it’s a complete downer.

After researchers analysed 36 studies comprising of 19, 452 circumcised men and 20, 931 men, they found that circumcised men experience no significant difference in sexual functioning, sensitivity, pleasure or sensation. However, the number of uncircumcised men experiencing erectile dysfunction was greater, at 22, 3%, compared to circumcised men at 8, 3%.  Here are some tips on how to Beat Erectile Dysfunction With A Vegan Diet.

There was also no statistical difference in the average time from insertion to orgasm – 6, 7 minutes average in circumcised men and 6 minutes in circumcised men, researchers say. Ejaculating too soon? See how you can Last Longer In Bed Than Hugh Heffner. Circumcision also did not significantly affect penile sensation, perception or premature ejaculation.

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