Is It A Heart Attack?

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Men don’t like to ask for help. We hate it. That’s why we’re providing you with this DIY physical – so that you can be alert to any glitches without spending any time in a musty waiting room.

What You Do
Have your colleagues remarked that you’re looking unwell or “grey” in the last half an hour?

Are you sweating? (Don’t worry if you’ve just left the gym.)

Are you experiencing mild chest pains: a dull burning sensation or any “tightness”?

Have you called an ambulance yet? If not, why not?

Your Diagnosis
“First things first: it’s not indigestion,” says Asher. “Too many heart attacks are confused for heartburn in the crucial first minutes.” Chest pain, shortness of breath and clamminess are enough of a reason to drop the Rennies, swallow your pride and call 10111.

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