I Tried IV Therapy At A Drip Bar – This Is What It Was Like

Kate Moss and Die Antwoord are doing it, and it’s said to improve overall wellness.

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It’s the stuff of celebrities’ Instagram stories and viral social media videos that promise to get rid of your hangovers, but now it’s something you can actually do in South Africa. And people are doing it.

I’d only had blood drawn once in my life, not to mention I’d never had an IV drip. So for two days before the treatment I psyched myself out: would I be lying on a hospital bed like an invalid, unable to move?

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Then, came the air bubble theory. My Google search history looked like that of a med student doing their rounds for the first time: “How common are air bubbles in IV drips?” and “Will you die from and air bubble in an IV drip?” was just the beginning.

To say I was looking forward to it, would be a flat out lie. For a full 48 hours, I explored the possibility that my drip would get an air bubble in it and I would die, right there, on my imagined hospital bed. Luckily, that wasn’t my experience. Obviously. Or I would be dead and unable to write this story. So, here’s everything you need to know about IV Therapy.

What Is It?

REVIV offers IV therapies and booster shots that promise to improve your overall wellness. Depending on what it is that you are after, you can choose different drips to be administered.

The Hydromax IV therapy restores hydration, rebalances body salts, flushes out lactic acid, and detoxifies your body. It’s best for optimal athletic performance, recovery from exhausting activity, and dehydration. This is used by athletes before and after activities like triathlons, MMA and CrossFit, as well as marathons.

The Ultraviv restores hydration, decreases inflammation, relieves pain and nausea, and delivers an energy boost. It’s best for hangover relief, recovering from illness, common cold & flu symptoms, allergy relief, body aches, headaches, and dehydration. This is the one that is hailed as a hangover cure.

The Megaboost replenishes essential minerals and vitamins, delivers a high dose of Vitamin C, is an antioxidant therapy, boosts your immune system, detoxifies your body, and adds an energy boost. It’s best for maintaining good health and wellness, strengthening your immune system, increasing vitality, detoxification, and jet lag.

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The Vitaglow restores hydration, prevents and reverses effects of free radicals, rejuvenates your skin, hair, and nails. It also detoxifies vital organs and delivers a high dose of Glutathione and Vitamin C. It’s best for anti-aging, skin, hair, nail health, and cleansing vital organs.

Finally, there is the Royal Flush. REVIV’s Royal Flush Deluxe IV therapy is their ultimate IV experience combining the benefits of Ultraviv, Megaboost and Vitaglow. It restores hydration, replenishes essential minerals and vitamins, boosts your immune system, decreases inflammation, relieves pain and nausea, delivers an energy boost, detoxifies your body and cleanses vital organs. It’s best for cold and flu recovery, allergy relief, hangover relief, extreme dehydration and an internal cleanse.

You can also pair these drips with their booster shots. There is a Vitamin B12 shot, Slimboost, Glutathione and COQ10+ shots that you can get, too.

How Does It Work?

I headed to REVIV in Seapoint, Cape Town, for a treatment and was met with a space that was futuristic and high-tech as opposed to the dingy hospital I was afraid of. I then went in for a consultation with a freshly brewed cappuccino. Every person has to have a consultation and a full health check before they receive a treatment. I was asked about my diet, my current health, and various other questions.

My blood pressure was taken and I was weighed. This was done in a room that looked exactly like a doctor’s office, with all the equipment which eased my mind. This wasn’t some hippy treatment area covered in crystals and tie dye, but rather a place where legitimate treatments were administered. Even better? REVIV is staffed with trained medical professionals.

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At REVIV they pride themselves on making sure that only people who are in the right frame of mind and health are treated and they have turned people away before. Another win in my opinion. It’s clear they care about the overall wellbeing of people rather than simply extending their client base.

After getting the all clear we went through the process of getting hooked up to the drip. I was administered the Royal Flush Treatment and Slimboost shot – but not before I put the staff through a rigorous interrogation as to whether I could die from an air bubble. Turns out, you would need an air bubble around the size of a coke can so I (we) can rest easy on that one. You’re welcome.

After you’ve finished the drip, you get the Slimboost shot which was advised to aid in weight loss. The whole experience is about luxury and elite, personalised wellness. So of course it isn’t for everyone. But it is an experience nonetheless. And with personalised wellness set to become a big trend in 2019, paying closer attention to your health might be something worth buying into.

Who Should Do It?

Apart from having Kate Moss step into REVIV Cape Town in Seapoint, REVIV’s clientele boasts a long list of CEOs and famous South Africans, like Die Antwoord. The most surprising clients though? The members of South Africa’s parliament and cabinet are regulars. Seriously, here’s Fikile Mbalula, South African politician, and former Minister of Police and Minister of Sports and Recreation, enjoying a treatment.


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And it’s no surprise they host SA’s elite, the treatments don’t come cheap. The drips are between R999 for the Hydromax and R2999 for The Royal Flush. And the booster shots are between R249 and R499. But is it worth spending your money on or is it just another celebrity-backed hype?

Does It Work?

No one can say that it absolutely works because there are no measures for that, it’s all about how you feel. Plus, you can’t be sure the effect isn’t a placebo. So whilst I can’t confirm or bust whether REVIV is the wellness warrior that will change your life, I can relay any effects I felt.

First off, I went there on the brink of being bogged down with some serious flu. Afterwards, I still had a hoarse throat and ended up losing my voice but all the symptoms that would usually follow were non-existent.

Over the next few days, whilst I was clearly sick, the rest of my body didn’t feel it. I was even able to continue gyming as per usual. It’s very possible the high dosage of vitamins and minerals helped me out. That’s the reason these drips are seen as beneficial, they deliver the minerals and vitamins straight to your blood stream instead of entering your body orally, where many of the vitamins and minerals can be lost.

In terms of energy levels, I did feel slightly more energised. There was one night when I only managed to get 3 hours of sleep and didn’t feel the effects of fatigue the next day. I went through an entire day at work without crashing or needing litres of coffee to keep me awake.

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There was definitely an improvement in my skin’s appearance and I had no breakouts, which I am prone to. So I enjoyed the effects of that thoroughly. But weeks after I can’t say my skin has permanently changed. Of course it wouldn’t as your body would eventually expel the nutrients and settle again.

The most noticeable change was perhaps that I lost 1kg in a week. In the week following, I lost another kg but have since put it back on, so overall I lost 1kg after the treatment and that can probably be attributed to the Slimboost shot. Or it could be that I’m training hard and eating well.

Overall, it’s a pricey treatment that won’t change your life permanently but it could make you feel and look better, at least for a little while. If you have a big event, meeting, or you’re about to go on holiday and need some boosting, it’s definitely worth trying.

So if you asked me if it works? Sure, it does. Whether it’s placebo or not, it did what it promised.

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