How To Stay Under The Radar When Bunking Work

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Consult Your Calendar
Despite his comb-over, your boss isn’t an idiot. To his discerning eye, a missed Monday or Friday equals a three-day weekend. Tuesday through Thursday is your hooky safe zone.

Craft Your Excuse
Choose an affliction you’ve experienced, so you can describe symptoms. Diarrhoea or food poison¬ing is great. “Everybody knows what it is, and no one wants to ask about it,” says Kerry Speckman, author of The Hooky Book ($10

Stay Under The Radar
Steer clear of social media. Even if your boss isn’t your Facebook friend, colleagues who are may clue him in. Don’t update your status. Don’t tweet about your day off. And switch off your Google account’s G-chat.

Return to Work Safely
At the office, you may be tempted to elaborate on your story to cover your tracks – but don’t. “Maintain that little bit of doubt,” says Speckman. Watch your non-verbals, too. A haircut or sunburn can be damning.