How To Remember A Telephone Number

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Step 1: Repeat

Ask the person to slowly repeat the number. This gives your brain time to split the digits into man¬ageable chunks and make con¬nections with numbers that are already stored in your memory.

Step 2: Divide

Don’t think about the individual digits, because your mind needs more substance to help you remember long-term. Group them into two-, three- or four-digit chunks; doing this reduces the number of items you have to remember.

Step 3: Associate

Link the digits to numbers you already know. Try sports jerseys or years in history that mean something to you.

Step 4: Speak

Repeat the number back to the person.

Step 5: Visualise

“Dial” the number on an imagi¬nary keypad. You may be able to remember the motor sequence better than you remember the individual numbers.

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