Hookah Hazards

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The public’s perception on hookah smoking is that it is safer then smoking cigarettes. That it is a safer alternative to other forms of tobacco. However toxicologists are becoming concerned that hookah smoking is on the rise among young adults and have been finding elements of the smoke that does have adverse health effects.

Many studies have shown that hookah use can be associated with potential harmful chemicals. The chemicals that are produced during one hookah smoking session that lasts for 45 to 60 minutes can be equivalent to those that are produced by smoking ten cigarettes.

It generates carcinogens such as benzene, which has been linked to lung cancer and loss of lung function. What also is very dangerous about hookah smoke is that it incorporates similar peak plasma nicotine levels, a greater blood monoxide level, and more inhaled smoke volumes when compared to cigarettes. Another impactful factor on one’s health is the emissions generated from smoldering charcoal used with these hookah water pipes.

“Developing comprehensive assessments of any substance’s health risks can take years of research,” says Dr. Kaminski the SOT (Society of Toxicology) President, “but in the meantime, individuals using hookah water pipes need to be aware of the potential dangers that are already present.”

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